You will need
  • - new metal trunk;
  • - a set of universal rails.
Place the vehicle on a level surface. Several times push a car, several times with the force pressing on the wing to evenly distribute the load on the car stand. If the load is unevenly distributed, the body this causes small distortions invisible to the naked eye. Riding in a car with such distortions may further cause the fracture and stretching of the metal.
Select the type of trunkyou want to install. You can buy an ordinary chetyrehlistnyj metal trunk. You need to buy the model designed for mounting it to the Kalin family. Trying to convert and install the trunk from another car will lead to violation of the geometry, which can be a cause of the accident.
Open all four doors. Remove the top rubber strip, releasing the edge of the body. Install the boot onto the cover, adjusting it exactly in the middle. Begin gradually to tighten the fastening. In any case, the event immediately tighten until it stops one of the mounts! Need to do a little evenly turn each of the four bolts not to overtighten and do not install the Luggage compartment roll.
There is a more modern version of the trunk - roof rails. They are much more practical, as it is made of durable alloy. Under the legs of the roof rails do not rust. It should be noted that it is possible to adjust the distance between the two installed rails, as well as their number. The heavier the load, the more straps you want to install.
Purchase a set of universal rails. They are easily installed on the roof of any width. Mounting scheme of similar to installing a regular tailgate. You need to carefully ensure that the distance from the edge of the body to each foot was the same.
Install special locks. They will be able to prevent theft of your tailgate. The installation of such locks is mandatory in the event you leave your car on the street.