You will need
  • router;
  • - patch cord.
Connect wifi router to AC power. Turn on the computer and prepare the data necessary to connect to the Internet.
Connect one end of the patch cord to the network card of your computer or laptop and the other to the WAN connector Wi-Fi router. Start the Internet browser. Enter in the url field of and press Enter.
After opening the login window in the settings menu of the router, enter the word admin and press Enter. Now go to menu Internet Connection Setup and follow the settings of the Internet access.
Select the type of Protocol, such as PPtP or L2TP. Fill in the fields Login and Password. Check the boxes beside Firewall, DHCP and NAT. Save the connection settings to the Internet. Restart Wi-Fi router.
Test the Internet connection. To do this, reset the network card connected to the router. Wait until you define new settings of the local network, start a browser and visit an arbitrary web site.
Now repeat the procedure of log in to the web interface of Wi-Fi router. Click Wireless Connection Setup to set up a wireless access point. In this case, you must specify the parameters with which to operate your mobile device. Pay special attention to the security Protocol (WEP, WPA, WPA2). Use a complex password to prevent unwanted connections to the router.
Save settings Wi-Fi network. Restart the router by unplugging it from AC power. Disconnect the patch cord from the laptop or computer. Activate and search for wireless networks. Connect to your access point Wi-Fi. Check out her performance.