Verify that the network device has a menu that you are interested in running and connected to the local network or directly to your computer.
Run any of browsers installed in your operating system. Visualization of the control panel of the router D-Link is implemented using the hypertext markup language, and to see the settings and work with them you will be the same as "admin" of any Internet site.
Type in the browser address bar the network IP address of the control panel - Then press Enter and the browser loads the login form control panel D-Link. It consists of three fields (login, password, and captcha), click the submit button, the data is automatically updated each time the page loads pictures and buttons for the forced updates. "Captcha" is a set of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet, which is depicted on the generated image and is intended to protect against scripts and hacking.
Enter the username and password in the appropriate fields. If this is your first login to the control panel, use the factory default username (admin) and the password field leave blank. In the third field, type the characters you see in the picture. If you identify any of the depicted characters is not possible, then click the Regenerate button and you will be charged another set. Then click the button that says Log In - entered data will be sent to the control program of a device which will check their correctness and will load in the browser window control panel.
If submitted data is incorrect, the program will re-load this same page, adding the error message. Try to log in again. If you have set any password and changed the login, and now can't remember it, you can discard them and return to the factory settings. To do this, press the Reset button on the device D-Link. This operation is potentially dangerous because it will not only reset the username and password, but all other setup, including ensuring the performance of the network.