The routers from D-link is quite popular and in demand. Their cost is not able to hit hard on the pocket, their characteristics are able to impress many. Unfortunately, users of personal computers who have a similar router, can face several different problems, including changing password. To do this novice user would be quite problematic, as to make changes in the operation of the router, you must go to a special web interface.

Changing the system password and the password for logging in to the web interface

The password can only be changed in this web interface and make it as something else is simply impossible. To log in to the web interface of the router D-link, need to open your browser and enter in the address bar (depending on the model, the address may change, for example, If all goes well, the system will ask to login, i.e. enter the password and user name. If they have not changed then you should enter admin in the user Name and the "Password" field. This password and user name are from the manufacturer and installed by default. If desired, the user can of course change them.

After the login a message appears that looks like the following: "Now the password is set by default. For security purposes it is recommended to change the password.". If the user confirms the password change, then a new window will open "system password". Here the user can specify a new name and a new system password. It should be noted that in the end will be changed as the system password and the password for logging in to the web interface.

Change the encryption key

If there is a need to change the password directly on the access point Wi-Fi, it is done in the web interface. After you log in, go to the Wi-Fi menu, and then select "security Settings". Here, the user can not only change the password, but the encryption method, network authentication type, and so on.

The optimal settings are as follows: encryption type WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK mixed encryption key is set by the user, WPA encryption – TKIP+AES.

In order for the changes to take effect, you need to click on "Edit" and then "Save". The procedure of changing password is completed.