It is best to carry out the procedure of the reconfiguration by adjusting existing parameters. This will significantly reduce the time. For this connect the router via cable to a personal computer, open a browser and enter the address: So you get the router interface. Immediately after the introduction of the ' window appears with two fields. One for login, one for password. They must match, of course, if you have not made custom changes. Try to drive user or admin. One thing will fit. It all depends on the factory marks used on the router.
After logging in, the interface is visually analyze each function. Decide what exactly you need to reconfigure. If you have lost the settings for the Internet connection, then go to the tab "Internet options", to change the data wi-fi "wireless Settings", in case of sudden blocking of some websites – "parental control Settings". To change the firmware, open the last tab. Most often it is called "router Settings". Hit "Update" or download available with PC.
Totally reset all the router settings in hardware mode, that is, through the user interface and mechanically pressing the Reset button on the back side of the device. The size of the buttons is very small, and put pressure on it it is possible only with the help of some device such as a needle or rod of a ballpoint pen. Some routers does not come with her, and reset by clicking and holding for a few seconds, usually from ten to fifteen, the button on/off.
When all parameters were established at the level of the factory, clearly disconnected and the Internet. You can configure it using the disc supplied with the router, or the previous way - through the browser.
To configure a disk is much easier because many installation will be performed automatically. However, the performance of the drive will completely depend on the bitness of the installed operating system. If the disk, for example, 32-bit and OS is 64, the electronic media most likely will not start and will generate an error.
To configure manually, go to the control panel of the router, click "Internet options", enter the user name and password that is specified in the contract with your provider. Save the changes and restart the computer. This procedure will complete the reconfiguration of the router and establish a connection to the Internet.