What you need to know before you configure a router?

Before configuring the router you need to find out from your ISP what type of network Protocol is used. If the network connection is Dynamic IP, the settings for the router are defined automatically if Static IP is necessary all parameters to specify the provider, such as: IP address, gateway, subnet mask. There are also protocols PPPoE and PPTP, the configuration is that the user has to enter login and the password that written in the contract with the provider.

Installation manual router D-link dir 615

The first thing you need to configure the router is to connect D-link to the charger and connect it to the computer on which you will configure the connection. For this procedure, you will need the cable supplied with the router. You need to connect its one end to the connector of the network card of the computer and the other to the router to any of the 4 ports labeled LAN. After you must attach the Internet cable to the router into the connector called WAN or Internet.

After connection, you must configure the computer to use the Internet and wireless network. To do this, open any browser in the address bar type and press Enter, using this network address can be accessed in the configuration of the router. But first, you must be authorized for D-link dir 615 to the string "Username" type "Admin" in the string "Password" to write anything no need.

After login a window will appear where at the bottom, click "Manual Internet Connection Setup", which will go to a complete list of network connection settings of the Internet. In this window, first select the mode in which it will be connected to the router, it depends on the type of network Protocol provider.

If the provider uses the Protocol "PPPoE" and automatically gets a local IP address, in this case, in the section "My Internet Connection", select PPPoE connection and Dynamic IP mode. Then fill in the fields: "User Name" and "Password" - username and password from the contract with the Internet provider, "Verify Password – repeat the password, "MTU" with the value of 1472, and click "Clone MAC Address". To setup connections "Connect mode select" to choose "Always on" for permanent connection. After all, you want to save settings click "Save Settings" and wait until the router restarts.

If the provider uses the data transmission Protocol - PPtP (VPN), the differences in connection with PPPoE is that in the field "My Internet Connection" you need to select PPtP (VPN), and in terms of a username and password enter the user name and password for authorization in the provider network. The remaining steps are the same with PPPoE.

Also the provider may use either static or dynamically obtain an IP address. If it is static, it is necessary in the "Address Mode" select "Static IP". In this mode, all you need to specify the provider in the appropriate fields to fill in IP Address given by ISP, subnet mask, gateway, DNS Address, name and password of a user in the provider network.

Of course, the easiest thing to do in a dynamic definition'. You just need to choose in the field "My Internet Connection" mode "Dynamic IP", click "Clone MAC Address" and save the settings.

Whatever the connection type after you save the settings and reboot the router, go to "control Panel" then "Network and Internet connections" tab – "Network connections", and check that the LAN connection was active.

After connecting the Internet you need to configure security for your wireless network. In your router settings go to the tab "Wireless Settings" at the bottom and click "Manual Wireless Network Setup". Next, put the name of the wireless network in the "Wireless Network Name", "Channel Width" locate "Auto 20/40 MHz". The following fields to fill will be responsible for the security of the network. In the "Security Mode" select "WPA – Personal" and the line "Pre-Shared Kay enter the wireless network key (minimum 8 digits/letters).
After entering the password you should save all settings by clicking on the button "Save Settings".

Wait 15 seconds and router configuration complete, you can now disconnect the router cable from the computer and Wi-fi.
To connect to a wireless network, you need to the taskbar to click on the icon of the wireless connection in the form of a histogram in the new window, select the newly created connection and click "Connect". After this adjustment is completed now you can use Wi-Fi.

If a mistake was made while configuring the router, it can be fixed. Need back of the router press the RESET button with which you can reset all the settings and start the procedure again.

You need to choose a strong password at least 8 characters, preferably to include both alphabetic characters and numeric, so no one else could use it.