Connect the device to the computer and to the electrical network. Power cord is supplied with the modem. Plug its one end into the modem and the other into the network port of the computer. Their shape eliminates the possibility of error. Both ends of the cable are equal, that is, there is no difference which connector is connected to the modem and which to the computer. Remove from the packaging, the power adapter, connect it to the modem and to the power supply. Press the On button on the rear panel of your d-link modem. On the front side lights indicators and network connection.
Start any Internet browser and type in the address bar the following figures: is the standard network address of the modem. Press Enter and you will see a window asking username and password. The default is admin. Enter it in the user name box and password, and then click OK. The browser displays the page which allows you to configure the Internet via a modem d-link.
Find it in the documents that provided you with the communications service provider, your user name, password, and network settings — VPI and VCI. It is the parameters of the modulation signal, without them will not work to connect to the Internet even with the correct username and password.
Click the button on the WAN settings page of modem. It is located in the left column. In the Central part of the screen, locate the Add button and activate it. Page opens connection settings. Enter in the fields VCI and VPI information of your documents from the provider. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen.
Dot point PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) on the following page settings. In the bottom half of the screen from the drop-down list, select LLC/SNAP-BRIGING and click Next to move to the next stage of action.
Enter your user name and password in the PPP username and PPP password. Select Keep Alive in the Central part of the page and click the NEXT button at the bottom.
Select the checkboxes next to the label Enable NAT and Enable Firewall as well as the item Enable WAN Service. Click Next and go to the final connection information. Click Apply and wait a few minutes. The modem will reboot using the new settings.
Open a browser to the setup page of the modem is, enter the username and password is "admin". Click the Device info tab in the left side of the page. Screen displays connection information. If all lines are occupied network addresses, it means you have been able to successfully configure the Internet via a modem d-link. Otherwise, repeat the setup procedure, carefully checking the data entered.