Pour into the container of the steam generator water. The capacity can be different; the size of the container will depend on how many things you can do without refilling water. After filling it with water turn the steam generator. Wait a minute – the iron needs to heat up.
Select the required mode of operation and accordingly switch on the control panel. It may be a small amount of energy economy mode (saves up to 20% of electricity) and a powerful steam generation. If you want to stroke it quickly, you can select the powerful mode.
Next, determine the temperature. It depends on the structure of the material from which is made is your thing. If the clothes have labels, read what the temperature is allowed, and program it on your appliance. If no instructions no, you can trust indicators: badges and inscriptions on the control panel of iron.
Iron you can in normal mode. If you want to use the ferry, hit a special button under the handle of the iron. Steam will go as long as you hold her.
If your things are formed deep creases that are difficult to smooth out, or it is sewn from thick fabric, use the steam blow. Please note: the shot of steam button located at the top of the handle, so click it accidentally you can't.
If you have not calculated the amount of water or it ended in the process of Ironing, add it to the capacity of the steam generator at any time without disconnecting it from the network. When the water finishes, you will see how the symbol will light up on the control panel. After filling the container press the restart button and continue your work.
Keep in mind that if the iron will to stand for more than 8-10 minutes in a horizontal position, the steam generator will go into standby, and the iron will no longer heat up (this makes it impossible to fire).