Operation of the steamer is limited to clothing. In this case, you will approach a steamer with a capacity of 1500-1600 watts, with a narrow nozzle and a set of coat hanger and a clip for pants that allows you to make amends for their arrows. If in addition to the usual clothing you plan steaming things made of thick fabric, such as coats, denim jackets and similar items of clothing, the capacity must be greater than and will not prevent replacement wider nozzle in the kit.
The choice of capacity depends on the type odarivaemogo of the material – the denser and heavier cloth, used at least in 60% of cases, the more power you need. More powerful devices (over 1800 watts) can be used for steaming and disinfecting of soft toys, cushions and upholstered furniture and for industrial purposes.
Use mainly for steaming linens, curtains and other large items will definitely require a large water tank with a wide nozzle on the hose to increase the area otpaivaem surface.
The use of steam in traveling or business trips involves choosing a more compact portable device.
The cost of steam depends on its configuration, capacity, and manufacturer. The price range is quite big and the most expensive unit can exceed the cost up to 3, 4 times the cheapest. So this parameter choice may be restricted only by your ability to pay. In addition, the steamer is equipped with a certain set of additional options – such as brushes for cleaning lint, various nozzles for ease of Stripping, depending on the type of fabric, devices for smoothing collars and pockets, and the price is formed depending on the presence or absence of those or other devices.
Size can be a value if you have nowhere to place a bulky device, or, for example, with frequent use for steaming curtains directly on the curtain rods, the large size of the apparatus can create some discomfort when lifting it to a height. As well as the frequent use of the device outside the home.
There are steamers that combines the functions of cleaning Windows and removing stains, allowing you to expand the scope of their use. That is the key the question still remains – how, and for what purposes you intend to use the device. And only fully determine the answer, you will be able to find a steamer that won't disappoint you in the process of operation.