The pros and cons of flat irons with steam generator

Irons of this type are ideally suited to people who have often and in large quantities to iron. Their advantages include high power, ease of use, relatively high speed Ironing and a large water tank allowing you to iron for long periods of time without adding liquid. Steam generator irons with a lot of give steam and allow in minutes to cope with a large workload.

Of course, such devices have drawbacks. First and foremost is the high price: the cost difference between steam generator irons and conventional models are often very large. In addition, due to the design of these devices are heavier than their counterparts without steam generator and, therefore, their use requires great effort. Finally, these models are massive, which can lead to difficulties in storage.

How to choose irons with steam generator

If you decide to purchase this unit, pay attention to the sole. It should be strong, durable, able to withstand temperature variations, durable. The sole is made of aluminium, for example, has such advantages: it is easily covered with scratches and often a relatively short-lived, especially if the iron is used frequently and in large quantities. The best option – aluminum alloy with ceramic, Teflon or steel cover.

Please decide whether you need additional moisture fabric or find it more convenient to work with dry steam. In the first case, you need to choose a iron with built in steam generator, and the second portable installed separately. At the same time make it clear to any water operated device. If you need a special, carefully filtered the liquid, you will have to buy additional equipment for water treatment before use, and this will entail unplanned expenses.

Note the convenience of the handle. It should lie in your hand, otherwise use an iron it will be uncomfortable. Possible before buying it is desirable to take the device and walk them a few times in the air if you something Pat. If a handle seems too thick or too narrow, it is better to choose another option.

Is necessary to consider one important detail: there are some irons with steam generators are complemented by a special button that must be held during Ironing so that the evaporation does not stop. This can cause inconvenience, therefore, it is desirable that the chosen model modes "steam" and "without steam" makes it easier to switch.