You will need
  • - activated carbon;
  • - peppermint;
  • - hop cones;
  • dill water.
Follow a healthy lifestyle, adhering to the balanced diet. In the daily menu add dietary fiber (vegetables, whole grains, unground grain), reduces the formation of gases. Exclude from the diet of fatty foods, often in violation of the digestive processes in the bodyand also reduce the consumption of foods such as legumes, cabbage, grapes, pears, sparkling water cause flatulence.
Reduce the number of drink coffee, strong tea and chocolate. During the meal try to carefully chew it and in any case not to overeat. Furthermore please note that very hot or, conversely, cold food contributes to excessive swallowing of air when removing the samples, which increases flatulence.
Use folk remedies or preparations sold in the pharmacy (activated charcoal, digestive enzymes, etc.), reduces leg in the gut. Among the folk recipes of the most popular herbal tea of peppermint or chamomile, as well as the use of gripe water. Experts recommend periodically make the complexes containing b vitamins, magnesium, and potassium to reduce bloating of the stomach.
To improve peristalsis of the intestine will promote physical activity. In this regard, after a meal make walking at a leisurely pace and do daily morning exercises and at least a small block of sports exercises during the day.
It is very important to prevent or avoid (if possible) has encountered a stressful situation, as any nervous overload will have a negative effect on the body, including the digestive system.
In the case of continuous formation of gases, subject to the above rules should consult a doctor and take a health survey with the aim of eliminating serious diseases.