Causes of flatulence

In order to understand how to get rid of bloating, you need to figure out why it arose. There may be several. First - irritable bowel syndrome. Flatulence in this case, can cause the consumption of the foods that cause flatulence. It can be fruit - apples, pears, grapes, plums, beans, peas, corn, fatty meat, rye bread and pastries. They often cause flatulence with strong odor. Will help to get rid of it the only diet. The diet should introduce more protein foods, as well as fiber which helps proper digestion.
On the doctor's tell us how often there are bouts of flatulence which odor they are accompanied by what foods contribute to their initiation and termination. All this will help the doctor with the diagnosis of the disease.

The second reason of odour and flatulence and intestinal infection. It could be rotavirus, influenza, dysentery, etc. should Especially be alerted if there was a smell of rotten eggs or flatulence is accompanied by severe pains in the stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea. In addition to infectious diseases it can be a symptom of serious poisoning, which is necessary gastric lavage and introduction into the blood of different drug solutions.

The third cause of flatulence - the defeat of the small intestine or stomach. It could be polyps, ulcerative colitis etc. in order to make an accurate diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe tests - colonoscopy, barium enema or an upper endoscopy. These procedures are not too pleasant, but it will allow you to pinpoint the disease and to choose the right method of treatment.
Noted that elimination of flatulence when symptom of an irritable bowel promote yoga and swimming.

How to treat flatulence

Once the causes of flatulence, the doctor will prescribe treatment. In the case of the symptom of irritable bowel is quite a strict diet as well as sedative drugs, cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnosis, under supervision of the therapist. Intestinal infection prescribe absorbent products - Smectite, activated charcoal, and the more serious drugs are able to stop harmful bacteria in the gut. In pathogenic lesions of the stomach and small intestine medical treatment, in severe cases - surgery.