You will need
  • - branches of different length and diameter;
  • - wooden slats and bars;
  • - a piece of plywood, a Board or wooden pallet;
  • toys, mirrors, swings, ladders;
  • - drill;
  • feather drill
Playground for a parrot you can buy at the pet store or make your own from scrap materials. Homemade entertainment center for birds can represent a real gaming complex, which includes a variety of loopholes, perches and toys. Although even the most common branch with different branches will be a great Playground for a parrot.
домик для попугаев своими руками размеры
To make a Playground for a parrot yourself, first of all, consider what it will be, what materials will you need for its production. Be sure to draw a sketch invented playgrounds on paper.
Как сделать домик для бездомного кота
Now, it's time to prepare all the required parts that will be included in the design of playgrounds. The wooden slats and bars you can buy at the hardware store. For branches the right length and thickness go to the forest or Park closest to your home.
домик для волнистого попугая
Of the thick branches of the same diameter collect the frame of the Playground. For drilling holes use a drill with a pen drills of different diameters. As perches, use a store-bought wooden slats or branches of trees. The diameter of the perches should be half the diameter included in the design of site columns.
как сделать клетку интересной для попугаев
Now attach the construct to the Board or plywood. It is better to use as a stand for playgrounds, shallow wooden tray, which can be covered with paper. This will make cleaning up after a parrot is quick and easy.
как научить волнистого попугая гонять мяч
Now attach to the Playground for a parrot a variety of toys, safe mirror and swing, install a small ladder. Remember that the Playground must be stable and strong.
Refrain from placing on the Playground for a parrot feeder. The bird needs to eat only in the cell. So it will be easier to drive hungry pet in a cage.