Advice 1: How to make a toy parrot

Parrots are very social and active birds, so if you do not give them enough time, they may get bored in the cage. This will help avoid a variety of toys for parrots.Currently, almost any pet store you can find a wide selection of different toysbut much easier and cheaper (and more importantly - safer for birds) to make a toy with their hands.
How to make a toy parrot
In the manufacture of toys, follow a few simple rules:
- The correct choice of material. Avoid materials that can harm the health of a parrot: poisonous plastics and wood, toxic glues and metal, small and sharp objects;
- Number of toys in the cage. The parrot should not be crowded, so do not overload the cage a large number of different toys. Better to change them several times a month;
- Select varieties of toys. Pick what suits your parrot. Some birds love swings, others prefer the bells, and others - the mirror. The toy should be fun and in any case not to frighten.
How to make <strong>toy</strong> <b>parrot</b>
Here are some simple but favorite parrotmi options of toys: coniferous bump – it can either be hung in the cage, or just put on top of the cage. Your parrot will spend hours enthusiastically nibble it and take it apart. A simple bundle of branches will also be for your bird a wonderful entertainment and a special treat. Using hemp rope and small twigs can make a wonderful swing for the parrot. The main thing is to make sure your pet does not touch the tail edge of the cell during rolling.
If you want to make more complex the toy, you will need a couple of birdies for badminton, wooden cubes and colored beads. Take 4-5 strings, attach them to the ring or carabiner on each of the ropes put on one of the listed items and lock. An interesting and unusual toy is ready.
How to make <strong>toy</strong> <b>parrot</b>
Bright and colorful toy looks just like a real parrot! The package includes a toy "Interactive parrot (batteries included), remote control (batteries not included), rubber biscuit and a plastic thread stand. The power button and the mode button located on the back of the toy.
Useful advice
Toy, Talking parrot "Chatterbox" – it's a toy for children and adults. It will be a gift to Your friends and family, add brightness to the interior and will not get bored. To the parrot repeating Your words, move the lever on the stand in the ON position and say something. The parrots here repeat what You said, funny moving his beak and wings as the live!

Advice 2 : How to make a Playground for parrots

Budgies are very playful, sociable and intelligent birds. They need proper care and a balanced diet, but in constant communication and entertainment. Long stay of a parrot in a cage may end up spreading the litter, flip the bird feeders and even sameasiteverwas. It is therefore very important to organize the slot area outside the cell.
How to make a Playground for parrots
You will need
  • - branches of different length and diameter;
  • - wooden slats and bars;
  • - a piece of plywood, a Board or wooden pallet;
  • toys, mirrors, swings, ladders;
  • - drill;
  • feather drill
Playground for a parrot you can buy at the pet store or make your own from scrap materials. Homemade entertainment center for birds can represent a real gaming complex, which includes a variety of loopholes, perches and toys. Although even the most common branch with different branches will be a great Playground for a parrot.
To make a Playground for a parrot yourself, first of all, consider what it will be, what materials will you need for its production. Be sure to draw a sketch invented playgrounds on paper.
Now, it's time to prepare all the required parts that will be included in the design of playgrounds. The wooden slats and bars you can buy at the hardware store. For branches the right length and thickness go to the forest or Park closest to your home.
Of the thick branches of the same diameter collect the frame of the Playground. For drilling holes use a drill with a pen drills of different diameters. As perches, use a store-bought wooden slats or branches of trees. The diameter of the perches should be half the diameter included in the design of site columns.
Now attach the construct to the Board or plywood. It is better to use as a stand for playgrounds, shallow wooden tray, which can be covered with paper. This will make cleaning up after a parrot is quick and easy.
Now attach to the Playground for a parrot a variety of toys, safe mirror and swing, install a small ladder. Remember that the Playground must be stable and strong.
Refrain from placing on the Playground for a parrot feeder. The bird needs to eat only in the cell. So it will be easier to drive hungry pet in a cage.
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