Advice 1: How to drive a parrot in a cage

Nothing gives this living in a cage a parrot more fun than flying around the apartment. To release pet birds to fly and stretch your wings is necessary for their health and wellbeing. However, not all of them like to return to the house after a walk. How is it possible to drive the parrot in the cage after he flew?
How to drive a parrot in a cage
Before the first walk with a bird it is necessary to conduct preparatory work. First she needs to be tamed. Give the parrot to adapt and get used to you. Only when he trusted you enough to take food from hands, the time will come flying. Before the walk never forget about the safety of your pet: to cover the Windows and push the curtains, so the parrot flew away and crashed on the glass. Hide anything that can hurt him – chemicals, hot tea, open or enabled appliances. During a walk do not leave it unattended.
To parrot myself without problems back in the cage and it's not necessary to drive, strictly adhere to the following rules: never feed your pet outside the cage. Then he, when hungry, will always return to his house. Also pet you can try to hint that it was time to go home. To do this, move the cage to the place where he sits. Get their attention with something tasty and put the Goodies inside the cell. If the inside of the bird house will be a lot of fun – swings, ladders, mirrors, and a parrot will not be there to miss, he more willingly will return to the cage itself. But if your pet still does not seek home, try putting it on your hand. To do this, take a favorite treat for your feathered and lure, so he sat on the palm. Then carefully put it in a cage and set him on the perch.
If these methods do not help, remains the most fundamental method to drive the parrot in the cage – to catch him. For this you need to wait for nightfall. It is worth noting that if you leave the feathered pet on the loose after nightfall, it can be bad for it to end. If it is scare, it can break or hurt themselves when they start to dash around the dark room. How to catch him? Remember, where's your naughty feathered friend. Turn off the lights and gently take it. This method usually scares the bird. So after you put the budgie in the cage, be sure to turn on the light so he could calm down. Also, be ready to turn on the light and during the "catching", if you catch the bird the first time will not work.

Advice 2 : How to return the escaped parrot

Open Windows, not closed doors of the cells, the carelessness of the owner – all of which can cause your winged pet suddenly leaves home. But as soon as you notice the disappearance of a parrot, don't panic, it is still possible to return. For this you will need a lot of patience, free time and the help of your friends.
How to return the escaped parrot

Tips in finding the prodigal parrot

Departing into a new world, your parrot is in a state of shock. Not accustomed to long flight, he's far gone. That is why the first thing to do a thorough search in the area of your home. Pay particular attention to the trees, rooftops and elevated surfaces.

Constantly call your pet, tell him accustomed to the phrases and encouraging words. Passers-by, such behavior will certainly cause a smile, but it will involve "word of mouth". This way, you will notify as many people as possible about the loss of a parrot.
In addition, ask to search your pet your friends and the kids walking in the yard. Watchful eyes of guys will certainly help to find birds.

Try to attract the attention of the parrot, his favorite food. Put a treat in his feeder, place it on a hill and continue to call your pet.

As a rule, the voice of the beloved master, has a magical attraction for birds. But if your parrot is too scared, even seeing and hearing you, he may not take any action, in complete stupor.
Also listen to the cries of crows, most often they are the first to notice the "alien" and begin to fly in a flock, surrounding the hapless fugitive.

If during the first day ended in failure, connect to them others. This post announcement about the loss in the area of residence, post ads in local Newspapers and be sure to mention about the reward for the return of the birds.

Besides the ads, there are various Internet portals dedicated to finding Pets. Thanks to a special profile you can specify the place and date of disappearance. Special alerts that will be sent to your email, will keep you posted of events.

Unique way to return the escaped parrot

In Japan, one of the residents invented their own original way to return a stray parrot. After she lost one of the feathered, in order to avoid another loss of a 64-year-old woman began to teach a new friend to talk address and your phone number. Once a parrot has learned to clearly pronounce the address and telephone number, mistress taught him the standard phrases.

One Sunny day this innovative training has borne fruit. The hostess forgot to close the window and the parrot flew away. But not for long. After 2 days, the evening silence was broken by a phone call. On the other end, a policeman asked about the missing bird. So parrot named Pigo went back to his cozy "nest".

However, you can avoid the loss of your pet and the specific loss trouble adhering to a few simple rules:
- do not open the Windows in the apartment/house, when the bird flies around the room;
- set on the window mosquito nets;
- before opening the vents to check whether the locked cage door.

Remember that you are responsible for those who tamed! Don't lose their Pets!
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