The necessary items in the cage

как правильно обустроить клетку попугая

In each parrot cage should be a mandatory set of subjects that are necessary for a healthy bird life. First is the feeder. Parrots are uncomfortable with the platter, so it is advisable to buy him a special bowl. When choosing pay attention to material quality and are considered hygienic porcelain and faience, you can also purchase cheaper plastic feeders.

волннистые попугачики как заними ухживать

The bird needs to be constant access to water, so you need to put one or more drinkers. The such fixtures of the closed type, in which the water is not contaminated. If you choose the open drinking bowl, keep the water in it as soon as it gets litter, you need to immediately replace the water, otherwise it will stand out harmful ammonia. Do not place large outdoor pet waterers, otherwise it will begin to swim.

на пойманную птицу не загонишь в клетку пословица

Equip the parrot bath is a small tub where he could from time to time to swim. He's supposed to do a treatment at least once a week. The size of the trays depends on the size of birds, but it must freely be placed in it. Pour into the bath warm clear waters, and after procedures pour it so the parrot began to drink it.

Entertainment parrot

уборка в клетке попугая

The greater part of his life parrots is carried out on the branches, so in the cage they need to equip similar conditions. For this fix within a few perches, preferably wooden, soft rock. Birds love to gnaw twigs, they particularly like the roosts with the kidneys. Make sure that they are well fixed and do not rotate when the parrot sits on them.

Most breeds of parrots are very active, they like to move, climb the cage to explore new places. Try to set more of the different devices: ladders, perches, swing. But don't forget about what needs to stay and lots of space. All items on which will sit a pet, should be made of wood, plastic things he can chew on, but it is harmful to health.

Buy the parrot a few toys: a bell, a mirror, a ring that is suspended under the ceiling of the cell. The bird will appreciate any items that make sounds or move. From time to time to bring your pet with fresh branches of deciduous trees, which contain a lot of minerals and vitamins that are useful for birds.

It is very important not only to properly equip the cage, but also to monitor its cleanliness. Wash it as often as possible, every day clean the drip tray once a month arrange General cleaning, change the old branches, clean all the rods decoction of chamomile.