It is very important not to overload the cell objects. Every inch of space must be used rationally. Perch that were in the cage when you purchase, can be immediately discarded. Usually included are the plastic slats, which can cause wounds of the feet of parrots or the appearance of blisters. Perches should be wooden. The diameter of each of them is approximately 10-15 millimeters. It is better to have them not along the long sides of the cell, and perpendicular. From the side wall of the perch should be removed by 12-15 centimeters below the bird did not touch the grille and the tail did not break the feathers.
чем кормить волнистого попугая
If you have one or two parrots, they have enough to buy one drinker. It is better to choose a plastic closed container. At any pet store has the suitable drinking bottles of different sizes and configurations. The drinker should be placed near the upper perch, so the water will not get feathers and droppings. Change the water in the drinking bottle once a day, and during the summer 3-4 times a day.
Как отучить волнистого попугая кусаться
Feeders are usually placed on the lower tier of cells, almost at the pan. Budgies are not tidy people. They eat the grain and the husk dropped or left in the trough. Light flap of the wings and all the debris scatters around the room. To avoid this, you should buy cells with high rim. At the bottom of the cage should stand on both feeders: one for the main grain feed, one for cereals, or salads.
как правильно обустроить клетку попугая
Location of mineral stone or Sepia special significance for budgies is not. Birds require special substances contained in them, but because your pet will always find useful pebble on the bars of the cage.
как самому сделать большую клетку для попугая
When building cages for budgies, it is important not to overdo it with toys. The ideal option is one ladder, a swing and a bell. You can even hang plastic rings for climbing. When the owners are not home, the caged bird will find something to do. The main Arsenal of toys for budgies is better placed on a special stand in the room where the birds will fly while walking around the apartment.
на пойманную птицу не загонишь в клетку пословица
Holders for herbs and fruits is better positioned near the door. Budgies love fresh juicy fruits and vegetables, wild herbs, and often destroy them in a matter of minutes. It is important to attach the holder so that it can be quickly removed or replaced, not too disturbing birds.
In the correct arrangement of the cell important free space. Birds do not have to fight each other for free upper perch and the lower layer must be sufficiently spacious and safe, no matter what the injury.