Advice 1: How to wash a foam pillow

To wash a foam pillow is not a problem, but in order to ensure that the product has not lost its original shape, to do this correctly. To wash the cushion foam in the washing machine the automatic machine or hands.
How to wash a foam pillow
Foam pillows are often used as an ornamental decoration for the kitchen corners, sofas, armchairs, to create coziness and comfort at home. Often people choose pillows made of foam rubber for sleeping. But sooner or later, you must erase the soft and practical products, in order that they lasts as long as possible.

How to wash a pillow of foam?

To wash a foam pillow, special efforts are made unnecessary. It is necessary to have only the machine and high quality powder, it is desirable that he was a child, for example "Eared nannies." Also excellent option will be the liquid detergent, which rinses out much easier than the powder. To wash the cushion foam in the pillow, filler and so well istiraetsya and volomedia. If the pillow is purchased, it is necessary to pay attention to what information about the wash indicates on the label that is usually sewn on the side of the pillow. It indicates at what temperature is better and more correct to carry out the washing products. If a foam pillow is made with your own hands, it is recommended to set the temperature to 40-60 degrees, but no more so as not to damage the product. Rubber foam – durable material, but is prone to damage in case of improper washing or drying.

The washing process foam pillows in the washing machine

So, it's necessary to put necessarily sparing mode (this might be a delicate or hand wash) and recommended temperature, then you can start washing. Do not forget to put and extra rinsing, which allows efficiently and fully washing powder. Regarding spin, it is better to give preference to the 600 and 800 rpm, as 1000 is too "strong" for such a delicate product, like a pillow of foam rubber. It is not necessary to dry a foam pillow in the washing machine. This is best done in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.

Of course, you can wash the pillow of foam rubber with your hands in warm water with the addition of only liquid funds. But not the fact that you can rinse out it and not to spoil the original shape.

No less effective option is to wash foam cushions dry steam. But you need to find a good dry cleaner and give more money than required to wash at home.

Foam pillow is not picky about the wash, if you compare with more "serious" pillows, for example, the pen that is not recommended to wash and change every six months.

Advice 2 : How to wash a feather pillow

Feather is widely used as filler for pillows. It is a long time, not affected by knocking down in a heap unlike man-made fibers. The only drawback is allergic reactions, dust content and dust mites that are reproducing successfully in the natural feather, so from time to time, pillows should be washed or dry-cleaned. To wash feather or down pillow, you should follow some certain rules.
How to wash a feather pillow
You will need
  • - gauze or material;
  • - liquid detergent for wool fabrics;
  • - warm water;
  • - air conditioning
  • - material for new hangers (if old pillow fell into disrepair).
To wash pillows, pillow-case strut, pull the pen, divide into two or three parts. Each part put in a separate bulk bag of gauze or rare material. Sew the bags or tie carefully.
Wash the NIB in warm water by hand with a liquid detergent designed for washing wool products. Wring the washed bags with a pen. Rinse in cold water several times. In the last water rinse, add a capful of fabric softener. Hang bags of washed feather in the sun or, if the washing is carried out in the winter, put on the Central heating.
During the drying bags several times and thoroughly shake and rotate in different directions. Wash the pillow case separately. If he deteriorated, then dried feather put in new pillow case.
Also the pen can be washed in a washing machine-machine. To do this, prepare it as described above. Fold the bags in the washing machine. Turn on the delicate wash program or wash wool. Pour the required amount of liquid detergent for washing of wool items, reduce the number of speed spin to 400 and generate a normal wash cycle.
Install a double extra rinse. Add the conditioner to the final rinse when. Dry as described above.
Currently a huge number of dry cleaners for products made of natural feather and fluff. Dry feather is treated in a special way that makes it clean, airy, safe. An additional service is the replacement of batteries for a new one. All this is very inexpensive. And so if you don't want to deal with washing pillows, you can always use dry cleaning services, where quality treatment is guaranteed.
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