You will need
  • - printed text of the Treaty;
  • - a computer with a printer;
  • print.
Start the letter with a "hat", which is located in the upper left corner of the form. Here, specify the position, name and initials of the person who sent the contract, the name of the organization in which it operates, the legal address of the organization. If a Treaty is made by the individual entrepreneur, in the header, specify its status (SP), surname, initials, address.
Precede the main text of the letter is the greeting. It can start with "dear" followed by the reference by name and patronymic. For Example, "Dear Ivan Ivanovich!". The greeting is written below the cap in the middle of the sheet, and usually in bold.
Next, go to the main text of the cover letter. Most importantly, you want to reflect is the fact areas of agreement. Use phrases like "send for review and signing of the draft Agreement for the provision of services." If we are talking about the already signed contract, specify its number and date.
Then, when necessary, write what you want to draw the recipient's attention, state your offer or request related to the allocated contract. Avoid mentioning things that are not relevant to the directed contract.
After the main text write the word "Enclosure:" followed by the contract which is sent, specify the number of pages and copies.
Cover letter give the date and number and register it in the register of outgoing correspondence. Accordingly, it must be signed by the head of the organization or individual entrepreneur, and the signature certified by a stamp.