Correctly pick up the shoes. There are many types of shoes, their choice depends on what you plan to do. Because different types of load simulators you can recommend a selection of universal shoes. But if you mainly do on the treadmill, stop your choice on models for running.
Under running shoes, wear socks or stockings sports models. Such clothes does not imply joints, which will reduce the likelihood of occurrence of blisters. It is best to opt for socks made of cotton materials, they not only allow you to maintain hygiene of the foot, but durable enough.
For women it is important to choose the right sports underwear. It can be made of natural materials or made from breathable synthetics. Bra is best to choose from sports models. They are characterized by soft cups with no effect "push-up" and extra padding. However, this bra ensures that the Breasts, which helps to avoid discomfort when running.
In the gym you can choose both open and closed clothes. It is desirable that the leg sports pants and sleeves of the shirts are quite tightly close to the body. Otherwise loose parts of the costume could get caught in the machine.
Choose clothing from materials that are sweat-absorbent and breathable. In addition to clothing made of natural materials such as cotton, standards the facilities are adequate and modern synthetic materials, designed to be worn during sports activities. For heavy strength training can approach the model from two-layer material, which provides better preservation of thermoregulation sweating.
Don't come to the hall immediately, even in summer. After a workout, it is advisable to change, as form can be quite heavily contaminated then.