In the delivery of apartments in rent and the drafting of the lease you can't evict the tenants before the deadline in the contract. If you have any emergency and shelter you urgently needed, to prevent this you need to advance in a polite manner. The entire paid amount in advance for the lease must be returned in full. All the terms of the lease you have to strictly observe. If your contract specified penalties in case of its early termination, it is necessary to perform.
Failing successful negotiations, eviction of tenants will not award any court before the expiry of the lease. If the contract is concluded, the tenants refusing to move out before the end of the contract period, they will be right.
When the rental agreement is concluded and agreed in a verbal form, you can try to negotiate the eviction in a polite manner. If the negotiations do not lead to a successful completion, can apply to law enforcement authorities on the eviction of tenants. Turning back a statement you should know what you will be assessed an administrative penalty for tax evasion. Because the lease is not concluded, only those who do not want to pay tax on the lease.
When the lease contract is signed, but you want to evict tenants for bad behavior or for failure to pay rent, write a statement to law enforcement authorities, invite a local police officer take statements from neighbors. Usually negotiations with the district have enough for a free apartment. If tenants are not evicted and do not heed anything you have to go to court. Only by court order you'll be able to dishonestly evict tenants.
Be aware that the methods of threats and intimidation are illegal, and must act only in accordance with the law.