Russian Spaniel: breed description

Russian Spaniel is a breed of hunting dogs. It occurred as the result of crossing two dogs English Springer and Cocker spaniels.

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English spaniels were imported to Russia in the late nineteenth century, but they proved to be unsuitable for the Russian hunting. Therefore, the necessity of developing a new breed of good instincts, a vigorous search and persistence. So in the past century a Russian Spaniel.

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This long-haired dogs of small stature, stocky and strong build. Females have a height of up to 42 cm, males up to 44 cm at the withers. These spaniels well-developed muscles, and the tail is thick at the base line. It docked at half the length.

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The dog's coat soft, shiny, long and wavy. The color can be single color – red, black or brown. It is also found and two – tone color-brown-piebald, red piebald or black piebald.

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This is a fun and friendly dog with a balanced character. A great companion and hunter.

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Russian Spaniel gets along with any Pets. It often lead not as a hunting dog and as a pet. He is loyal, tireless and trainable.

The training of the Russian Spaniel

A decisive step in education a puppy are the first weeks and months of his life. Puppies in the childhood maximally receptive and eager to learn new things.

Initially the baby should be accustomed to the leash, the environment and family members. When these items are acquired, you can move on to studying other people, walking down the street and cars.

It is better to use the services of a professional instructor. Proper training will give you confidence that in the future the pet will not cause problems with behavior. Training Russian Spaniel obedience should be carried out with strict consistency and with love.

Dogs of this breed are very sensitive. So the commands you need to say in a calm voice. Terrible and hard tone Spaniel can be taken as a slap. If the puppy fails to do what you want, no need to compel and to punish. Punishment only alienates young dog from the owner and is not conducive to education.

Russian Spaniel is a hunting dog. Therefore, it is important to know the command "no". This command is also necessary in everyday life. So the dog you can call to order, to prohibit what it intends to do. The hunt is useful in that it will not allow the dog to frighten away game.

For training use feeding time. Puppy holding the bowl of food while saying the command, and allow you to come to her only at the command "Take." He needs to quickly understand such a simple command.

The "Sit" command is also one of the simple. With its help, the puppy will understand that performing some action, you can get refreshments. Need to say a command, pressing down on the rump of the dog. When she sits, he should get a treat and praise.

Later start learning the commands "Seek", "come" and "Give". They are required to hunt. The teaching principle is always the same - team action and encouragement. The owner must develop the dog has the necessary reflexes.

Russian spaniels are very diligent students, because they want to please their owner. They learn quickly and retain skills in their memory. Responsive handling and sequence the correct way to raise a friendly and obedient pet.