You will need
  • Passport, or a computer and an Internet connection.
Keep in mind that the maximum period for which you can block a number is 180 days. If you order lock until the end of the reporting month, monthly fee for all communications services will be taken for the entire month in full. Again to use their number you can automatically after you set the lock period. If you want to activate the number before, you will need to personally submit a relevant application to the salon communication "MegaFon" or call the customer contact center.
See the statement on voluntary lock your room in the nearest Salon of communication "MegaFon". Take your passport or other document proving your identity – without this statement you will not accept. If you have lost your SIM card, you will immediately be able to order the release of a new.
Call to block your number, Contact the Center at 0500. If your SIM card "Megaphone" has lost, and one neither you, nor your loved ones, call the contact center at the telephone. The number on the website of "MegaFon" in their region. To accept your statement that the operator will ask you to call the passport information, so keep your documents close by.
Block your number through the online service "Service Guide". The passport in this case you will not need it, but will need a password to log into your personal account. If you don't remember or never installed, and the SIM card is lost, this method of locking, you can not use it.
Go to the page Enter your number phone. If you do not have a password, request it. All methods of ordering/password recovery available in your area, described in detail on the login page of the system. Enter in this field the password verification code CAPTCHA and log in.
Go to "Services and the tariff". Select "Lock room". Set the start date and lock date resume and click "Install".