The integrated approach involves diet, exercise, massage, a sauna, a lifestyle change if you want. But such a complex effect on the body will lead to the improvement of all functional and physical characteristics of an organism, including the decrease of waist and hip, improve skin turgor, circulation and lymph circulation, restore elasticity of muscles. Therefore, reducing the volume of the thighs, you take care of the body as a whole.
For strengthening and tightening the muscles do regular exercise "Boat". Sit on the floor, spread as widely as possible to the sides of the legs. Without lifting your fingers from the floor, move hands forward, bending lower, and lock the position of the body in the farthest position.
Count to 8. exhale, take the starting position. Repeat as much as you can, starting with three times daily and gradually increasing the number of repetitions.
Exercise "Seiko" will also help to reduce the volume of the thighs and give the muscles elasticity. Kneel down, resting his hands on the floor. Pull to the side of the foot, not bending it at right angles to the body. Produce exhale, inhale and powerfully exhale through the mouth.
Then hold your breath and pull your stomach. And immediately lift the extended leg forward and up, hold this position from 3 to 8 seconds. Release the breath, lower your leg, take a starting position. Repeat each leg three times. If at first it will be hard to repeat one time, then two, increase the number of sets gradually.
Exercise "swinging the leg" strengthen the press, the bum, tone the muscles of the buttocks. Kneel down, lean hands on the floor and then kicks the top one by one, trying to maximize the angle. But increase the pace and number of strides gradually.
In addition to physical exercises to reduce muscle volume do massage. This may be a separate evening massage when sitting in front of the TV, you knead for half an hour the muscles of the thighs.
Before the massage, make the wrapping special tape with the use of anti-cellulite cream. These methods improve the blood supply to the muscles of the hips, increase lymphatic drainage, make the muscles supple.
Don't neglect the sauna. In the steam room wrap hip wrap, do the sauna is a massage with a special cream.
Change definitely diet: do not eat oily and spicy, add in the diet more vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of fluids, do not eat before bedtime.
Resort to the services of a professional masseur: this is a tried and tested method that allows for a course of massage to get rid of extra inches on the hips.