You will need
  • processor;
  • instruction;
  • power adapter;
  • — electric guitar;
  • amplifier;
  • — 2-3 cord with connectors "Jack-Jack".
Inspect the connectors of the processor. They can be of different types. Because to change them from the device itself or the guitar is impractical, it is best to purchase or aspaite wire with the proper connectors.
Pick up the power adapter. Its a kind specified in the regulations. When determining the type of connectors you have probably already noticed the presence of two nests. The time has come to get to know them. One of them you will see the Input, the other Output. The first wire connector plug in the Input Jack. A second connector of the power cord into the socket on the body of the guitar. It is designed to connect different devices.
Take the second wire. Insert the connector into the Jack Output of the guitar processor. A second connector plug to the Input Jack of a guitar amplifier. Connect the adapter to the power socket of the console. Only after that it can be included in the network. No-load adapter can burn out.
Determine if your amp loop effects. In this case, used slightly different connection type. Need not two, but three wires. To learn about the availability of this function is quite simple. Inspect the back wall of the amplifier. There should be inputs marked Send and Return, that is, "the promise" and "return". If they are, then a guitar plug in the Input Jack of the amp. Entrance Send in this case, connect the Input Jack of a guitar processor. Return Jack connect Jack Output. This type of connection provides the best sound of the guitar.
Some processors have an additional battery. Batteries are used in the case when mains is detected by the obstacle or interference, which is heard during a performance of a musical work. If the background and the hum does not disappear when switching to battery power, it is necessary to provide grounding. Usually you ground the amp because the processor is connected to the chassis of a guitar amplifier through the screen braid of the cable.