The tranquility and peace of mind – rule number one, which will allow you to learn to speak a lot, nice and at the same time in the case. When he spoke, he did not need to hurry. And for this you need to talk, mind you – that is to say, not to read a piece of paper prepared speech. But that still interest the audience have to take into account the mood of the audience and control room. You can do it, but only if he is calm and confident in what he was saying.
Unfortunately, most people experience fear of public speaking, they are nervous, I didn't care about the comfort of the audience. To overcome this habit is only one way – by constant practice. If you have this condition, then in first person view – use any opportunity to speak. Not important for the essence of the report and nature of audience – you can submit an essay on a conference at the University, to speak at the meeting of the residents of your porch, or read poetry in the narrow family circle. Important – when preparing a speech is not to specify every word going to say, use in thesis method – fix on paper the main ideas. So it will really flow like a brook and look natural.
Read books on areas that most interest you and on which you want to learn how to speak a lot. Don't neglect fiction – it is possible to meet a lot of interesting designs build sentences and phrases. There's a lot more to read aloud – train chords and get used to pronounce a lot of words. But try to say phrases emotionally place of logical stress in the text, even before you collection of problems in organic chemistry.
Develop your vocabulary. Keep a separate notebook and each day write one or more words from memory pick up the synonyms and antonyms. During the exercise don't use any sources – remember to the last. If there is a problem, put down the notebook and return to the problem word the next day. Most likely, you will be able to choose multiple values.
Pay attention to breathing – spell words on the exhale. If you have the opportunity, watch young children – they breathe stomach, their lungs shrink under the influence of the muscles of the diaphragm. With age, a person loses this ability and making the entrance only with the help of the chest. If you do not unlearn this habit, we can soon land a voice: when breathing lungs, the vocal cords are very tense and get tired quickly.