Learn how to Express their ideas, formulating them in short clear phrases and sentences. This will help you reading good fiction, and nonfiction, books. The more you read, the richer becomes your vocal apparatus, and you have a wider lexical possibilities in formulating their statements.
Do the following exercise: every day to read a large paragraph of a literary text, and then try to formulate his thought in one sentence. Note time of the entire process and follow that day by day the number of seconds to think about decreasing. This is to ensure that during a conversation, you can quickly Express the desired idea.
It is not always necessary to say to keep the conversation going, you can learn how to be silent. This is based, primarily, on the ability to carefully listen to the interlocutor, to ask questions and otherwise Express interest. In this case, the conversation will continue, and the person holding it would be nice to be with you in one company, as it will create the feeling that you are on an equal conversation.
Ask questions, especially those that do not involve one-word answers. Unable to think in advance a list of questions you wish to ask your interviewee, as well as to navigate the place.
Prefer to talk not about what you don't like, but rather what you ecstatic. The energy of positive emotions that will envelop you, your partner or company, will remain as an impression on you for a long time, even when you forget what you so admired.
Also try not to criticize other people, otherwise you can pass for a gossip, and the glory usually never disappears from people's minds. If you can discuss missing people in the company, everyone will definitely the impression that just so you can talk and all those present.
Most importantly – do not be afraid to speak. Often, embarrassment and self-doubt cause us to remain silent that I would like to Express. But the more you do, the harder you will be to liberate themselves and equally with all of the conversation. Treat communication easier, after all, still waiting, when you speak out!