With coffee made at home at the present time there is no problem. You can use the coffee maker, which are now divorced countless, or make coffee in a regular coffee pot. The foam also can be created in several ways.
The first way is the easiest, but it requires the presence in the household of a special beater to foam. Yes, there are some modern units on the market. Such a beater it looks like a small teapot, the lid of which is mounted a beater. Pour in beater of cold milk, close the lid, press the button, in a minute you will get a thick and resistant foam. But remember, it should pour cold milk, because the beater turns off automatically when the temperature of the milk reaches the desired size. Warm milk will heat up very quickly and before good wsbase.
The second method is designed for anyone who has the farm is a special coffee machine with "cappuccino". In this kind of coffee usually has a special attachment coming from it under great pressure, the steam must steam the milk to foam. Turn on the coffee machine, pour a glass of cold milk. Slightly tilt your glass and hold it close to the nozzle. Turn on steam and immerse the Frother into the milk. Be careful careless handling of the machine may cause burns. When the milk is whipped, a small part of it drawn into the machine, so the repeat appointment, bringing to the nozzle a Cup of water. So you can avoid having to completely disassemble and clean the nozzle.
But what to do if no super-units you have not, and there is just a simple whisk for a cappuccino? If you try to beat them regular milk at room temperature, then, maybe you'll even get the foam, after which the infusion of coffee will fall, and call this drink the "cappuccino" will simply be impossible. But do not despair. Take milk normal or high fat content. The monks of the Capuchins generally used for beverage, named after them, cream. Pour the milk into a metal Cup to half the volume. Put a Cup on the plate, wait 10-15 seconds, immerse the whisk in the milk and start whisking. Very quickly the milk turns into foam, which the spoon may be placed in the coffee and get a real cappuccino.