Advice 1: Can I wash my hair with shower gel or bath foam

There are times when they discover that, quite unexpectedly, the usual shampoo over, but head to wash it is urgent. How to get out of this situation?
Can I wash my hair with shower gel or bath foam?

Most of the shampoos for washing the hair created based on lauryl sulfate. This is a very cheap detergent base that quickly and effectively washes even multi-day dirt tanks. This Foundation is wonderful foam, but damages the structure of the hair and scalp.

The composition of shower gels and foam bath is very similar to the normal shampoo that you can buy in many stores at an affordable price. In fact, unlike some supplements that are usually found at the end of the list of ingredients, and therefore are present in vanishingly small quantities. Moreover, shower gels and bubble baths are also designed for the person, their PH is not higher than the same rate of hair loss, and for this reason we can conclude that nothing will change if you wash your hair with shower gel or bath foam. In fact, the producers themselves recognized that between these products, the difference is unimportant, so long ago released products such as "lot 1". For example, a popular shower gels, which are also shampoos designed for men.

Tip: also an alternative to shampoo can serve as a common soap. It will wash hair slightly worse than the shampoo, because washing base of traditional soap other, less aggressive (and, incidentally, damage the skin and hair are much smaller than sodium lauryl sulfate). If you want to make analog of soap shampoo or shower gel, just astrogate on the grate soap, add water and the resulting solution (it should be not too runny) pour into a jar.

Advice 2 : How to wash your hair without water

The main condition of hair beauty and their purity. It would seem, what could be easier than to wash the head? But even such a simple action turns into a real problem if the water was cut off or are in conditions where make it difficult (in the campaign, for example)? It turns out that hair again shone cleanliness, you can do without water.
How to wash your hair without water
Was once conducted an interesting experiment: a man stopped to wash the hair. He proceeded from the fact that in ancient times, and in medieval Europe, people did not wash. First, the state of his hair was bad, but then somehow the hair started to self-clean, and looks healthy. But it happened only a few months.

There is hardly a lot of followers of this bold experimenter. Clean hair still most prefer to maintain constantly. But there are situations in which to wash my hair in the usual way difficult or just once.

Hot air

The easiest and fastest way to freshen up the hair – "dry" them with a hot Hairdryer. Dry hair is combed in different directions, while they sent a jet of hot air that blows dust and other substances that pollute the hair. Of course, washing it is difficult to call, but for some time to give your hair a fresh new look, this method helps.

Dry shampoo

A more radical way to clean hair without using water is dry shampoo. Many cosmetic companies produce such tools.

The procedure of application is as follows: the hair is carefully combed, then sprayed a small amount of the contents of the bottle is a light head massage to remove the dirt from the roots and the surface of the hair, and the tool then removed from the hair with a comb.

The composition of such assets include any substance having sarbinowski properties. This can be rice or corn extract, white clay, and flavoring and some other additives. Of course, a full procedure for washing your hair this shampoo will not replace, but as an emergency means will do.

Home remedies

Dry shampoo can make your own. To cleanse the hair and scalp, you can use:
- talc;
- baby powder;
- corn starch;
- the usual flour;
- oat bran;
- cocoa powder.

If you wish to powder mass you can add ground almonds, chopped iris root.

Used homemade dry shampoo as well as industrial, with the only difference that apply it is not so convenient. However, the effect of adoption will be not worse.

In fairness it should be noted that completely replace the normal procedure of shampoo using dry shampoo is still not recommended. This is only a temporary measure, and radically get rid of all the impurities will only water.

Advice 3 : How to wash a thermos

The thermos was invented in the late nineteenth century, however, enjoys great popularity up to the present time. It saves the initial product temperature for quite a long time, compact and easy to use. Like any subject of household items, thermos needs careful care and regular cleaning. The main problems faced by the owners – resistant dark tint from drinks and unpleasant odor.
How to wash a thermos
You will need
  • - acetic or lemon acid;
  • tablets for cleaning dentures;
  • - Fig;
  • water;
  • - bottle brush.
You must wash the flask after each use with warm soapy water, removing from him all remnants of food. For more thorough cleaning use a bottle brush. Then rinse thoroughly and dry it. During cleaning care must be taken that no water gets into the gap between the outer shell and the inner insulating flask. This can lead to the fact that the thermos will not be able to keep the temperature of food and beverages.
If stains inside the thermos resistant and to remove them by mechanical means does not work, you need to conduct "chemical cleaning". For this procedure well with a vinegar or citric acid bags. Pour into a thermos of boiling water and add 1-2 teaspoons of 70% acetic or two packets of citric acid. Wait for complete cooling of the solution and thoroughly rinse the thermos with warm running water. If plaque is left, repeat the procedure several times. Vinegar and citric acid will not only remove dirt, but also to cope with an unpleasant odor. Besides these natural chemicals will not cause harm to the human body.
Unusual but very effective way to remove dark RAID is the use of tablets for cleaning dentures. Fill the thermos with hot water and put two tablets. Close the lid and leave it overnight. In the morning, shake well and pour the solution. Rinse the flask several times with tap water and let it dry.
To get rid of the musty smell and persistent, eventually appearing in a thermos, to help Fig. This grain has long been known for its unique feature to absorb extraneous flavors. Unlike industrial detergents, the use of rice completely harmless to humans and use it often. Pour into a thermos half Cup of raw rice and fill it with a Cup of hot water. Express cereal for an hour, until the rice swells and absorbs odor. After that, remove it. Thermos rinse thoroughly with warm water . A foreign scent will disappear without a trace.
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