Most of the shampoos for washing the hair created based on lauryl sulfate. This is a very cheap detergent base that quickly and effectively washes even multi-day dirt tanks. This Foundation is wonderful foam, but damages the structure of the hair and scalp.

The composition of shower gels and foam bath is very similar to the normal shampoo that you can buy in many stores at an affordable price. In fact, unlike some supplements that are usually found at the end of the list of ingredients, and therefore are present in vanishingly small quantities. Moreover, shower gels and bubble baths are also designed for the person, their PH is not higher than the same rate of hair loss, and for this reason we can conclude that nothing will change if you wash your hair with shower gel or bath foam. In fact, the producers themselves recognized that between these products, the difference is unimportant, so long ago released products such as "lot 1". For example, a popular shower gels, which are also shampoos designed for men.

Tip: also an alternative to shampoo can serve as a common soap. It will wash hair slightly worse than the shampoo, because washing base of traditional soap other, less aggressive (and, incidentally, damage the skin and hair are much smaller than sodium lauryl sulfate). If you want to make analog of soap shampoo or shower gel, just astrogate on the grate soap, add water and the resulting solution (it should be not too runny) pour into a jar.