You will need
  • - fatty milk or cream;
  • - coffee machine;
  • - a metal bucket or jug;
  • - hand mixer;
  • - whisk.
To produce high quality milk foam get good enough fatty milk. Professional Barista I assure you fatter it is, the better the cappuccino. You can experiment, trying to mix milk with cream or use whipping pure cream.
The easiest way to prepare milk froth with the coffee machine. It is not necessary to buy the machine with function of preparation cappuccino to handle any espresso machine with vapour tube. Before you steam the milk, briefly turn on the steam to remove from the tube the remaining water.
Pour cold milk or cream in a tall metal bucket or jug with a wide mouth. Tilt it and substitute a spout tube for steam. Turn on the steam, gradually increasing its power. The process of beating must occur at the surface of the milk. Do not submerge the spout in too deep, otherwise the milk will boil and foam will not work. Get ready for that first pair of portions to be unsuccessful. Try again – sooner or later will succeed.
By the time be whipped milk foam, prepare the coffee. Quickly and carefully put the cap of milk foam on top of drink and serve immediately. Before serving, rate foam density – if the grains of sugar placed on the surface, not sinking, you get a real cappuccino.
If the coffee maker there, and the cappuccino you want, prepare foam by using a hand mixer. Pour milk into a metal bucket or narrow saucepan. Put the pot on the stove, turn it on and start whisking the milk with a mixer, keeping it at the surface. Make sure that the milk does not boil. Turn mixer on maximum speed. As soon as there was a dense foam, remove bucket from heat and spoon the foam into the cups.
The slowest way is making milk foam manually. For this operation it is better to take the cream. A small number of them pour into a wide bowl and place it in a water bath – so the cream will be heated gradually and will not have time to boil. Start whisking them with a wire whisk, act as quickly as possible. In the end to obtain a dense foam. If you made coffee in the boiling water, strain it, pour into cups, then put a creamy lather and sprinkle it with cinnamon.