If during an argument you feel that the conversation is ruled by emotions, interrupt the discussion and to disperse at different angles. Explain to the young person that you value your relationship, so you want to cool down and calmly think about what had happened.A day or two to mentally not go back to your argument, don't try to find guilty and to prove the offenses did not have time to shout in his face. Go about your daily business and how much load your mind with work or Hobbies.After the prescribed period sit down and write down on a sheet of paper the thesis of your argument. Clean the entire argument from personal accusations and attempts to throw blame on the other. Select only the cause of the dispute and the points at which you disagree. At this stage, you can help your best friend or a psychologist, after hearing the retelling of the events, the assistant will separate the essential from the inessential.After studying a list, try to understand, who in what is right and what is not. Rarely, that is absolutely right, only one of quarreling, and the second victim, pure and simple. Regardless of, whether you to perform this task, proceed to the next step.Determine what you want to achieve in the future that are a priority for you: to preserve the relationship, to force a person to apologize, to prove his innocence, etc. depending on the purpose think about what you can do to achieve it. Proceed from actual conditions. Write what you are ready to go personally, but what question your position is principled and steadfast. Then Express in writing their demands to the guy – they should also help you reach your goal.Again meet with a guy. Tell him you want to understand the situation together to overcome this difficulty. If you are hurt by his words or actions, tell him about it. But expressing a complaint, talk about inappropriate things, not generalising and not becoming personal. So you can say that you hurt his carelessness. But don't claim that he is an insensitive oaf, incapable of love.Offer only those options that have been identified as a saving and contributing to the achievement of the goal. Ask the guy to tell me what he wants to achieve it and what way sees. Compare his proposal with his position in principle for you installations. Based on your thoughts and suggestions guy's try together to come to a decision to read aloud – to you both, it was clear where you came from.