There are cases, when after quarrel with a loved one saying "I'm sorry" is not enough to resolve the conflict. What should I do? First, do not make an attempt to atone for guilt in an empty meaningless gesture. Show that you sincerely regret and are concerned about what I did. Apologize to him and compensate the damage.
Second, determine whether your apology in this situation. Consider all your actions, in order to understand why your actions hurt a loved one. To do this, try to put yourself in the place of its second half.
Thirdly, find the right words to apologize to the guy. So your words have touched the right notes in his heart, tell that you really value your relationship. But try not to say it won't happen again, as themselves can thus be trapped.
Fourthly, suggest appropriate ways to remedy the situation. Depending on what you did wrong, find alternatives to show a guy how much you are attached to it, or to recover the lost the confidence of their actions.
Fifth, try to draw the right lesson from their actions. Yes, of course, not very nice to admit their mistakes and apologize for them, but it can be called a preventive measure to prevent similar cases. At least if you do it once, do not want more to experience the same sensation in the future.