What to do if you have a fight with your best friend

In the quarrel is the maximum release of negative emotions. Of course, it is better not to get personal. So you will show not only the level of his bad manners, but too much will hurt the person. The word back is impossible, so try to keep your hands to yourself. When you have quarreled with your best friend, try to smooth things over. Reconciliation occurs in several stages.

Stage of emotional intensity

Heightened emotional state after the fight can survive long enough. Mostly it is associated with negative emotions in relation to the other, the belief in the correctness and the inability to objectively assess the situation. In this period, try to stay calm and not jump to conclusions. In any case it is not necessary to call in emotional agony and prove anything. This will only aggravate the situation and chances for reconciliation will not remain. Friend may call you to find out the relationship. In this case, don't take it. At the stage of emotional intensity someone has to be wiser and it will help in the future to correct the situation.

Step out

This is the most important stage, as time puts everything in its place and allows you to soberly assess the situation. The time frame may be different. Someone needs a week to recover after a fight, and someone the next day ready to go to reconciliation. It is important to understand the causes that led to the altercation. There may be a conflict between you and a friend were brewing for a long time or happened unexpectedly for both of you. Anyway remember all the details of what happened and make conclusions. Try to put yourself in the position of his friend and understand why he wanted to bring to you. Model the situation of conflict in my head, look at it with cold reason. This approach supports a reasonable solution.

Stage of reconciliation

If your boyfriend has not called, you should make the first move. Call and make an appointment. Talk calmly and without emotion. Explain that you both have had time to think and it is important for you to maintain friendly relations. When the meeting happens, try not to talk a lot. Discuss only the important details and come to common conclusions. Think about what needs to be done so that such situations occurred rarely. If you behave properly, the person will be willing to hold constructive dialogue, which will only strengthen your friendship. It is possible that the other not be ready to talk and be honest about it. Then you should not demand a showdown, this may lead to a new quarrel. Let some time pass. Refrain from our own selfishness and wait.