Why the altercation that led to the fact that a loved one is gone? What you said or did is so serious that the only solution was to drop everything and leave. Think about it. Indeed, it may be that the quarrel was provoked by man for the sake of the gap. In this case, you should not rush to return it, take time out and think over the situation.
If you really offended your loved one, so much so that he found the strength to stay, try to start to calm down. It is not necessary to take any action on a hot head. Allow time to cool yourself and him. Then send your beloved a message asking to meet and talk. If it does not respond - so not ready for communication wait. Later write another SMS. Don't forget to tell that you regret the quarrel, regret their actions and very much in love. Ask him for forgiveness. After this message a loving partner will not refuse the meeting.
In conversation with loved ones first admit his guilt. Tell me you did not think your words or actions will produce such an effect. Apply women's the trick, pretend you don't remember exactly what was the conversation. A loving man who wants to returnXia, remember about the conflict. It is enough that you repent. And promise not to do it again, and next time think before you say something to your partner.
After a Frank conversation will seal the truce with a delicious dinner. A little alcohol will not hurt. This will help you to relax and forget about the conflict. Just not find out what started it all. Otherwise, resentment can arise again. Speak on abstract themes, and surround the loved one with attention and care. And if after the conversation he still had doubts about your sincere repentance, after a romantic dinner, they will completely evaporate.