You will need
  • - set time screwdrivers;
  • - a sharp hobby knife;
  • - new fuse;
  • glue.
Lay on the table, light fabric or sheets of white paper. They are easily distinguishable small bolts and parts. Turn on the Desk lamp. Carefully consider the charge and determine the type of connection of the housing parts. If parts of the charger are connected by screws, they must be carefully unscrewed. Usually car chargers are used bolts with a cross head.
Unscrew the screws smoothly and accurately. Plastic threads are very fragile. If the bolt is tight be, then make a few turns in the opposite direction and continue to Unscrew. Also the screw can be scrolled in one place. In this case, you need to gently pry the head of the bolt with an awl or other thin needle, while continuing to turn the screwdriver.
Find all the plastic clips that hold the case. They can be hidden and closed. If on your model the charging latch open, gently push the tabs from the slots. If the latches closed, hit to the body in those places where they are located. Gently pry the edge of the flat screwdriver the top and remove it.
It would be more difficult to access internals in that case, if charging is disposable, and her body cast. Then you have to cut the plastic. Carefully with a sharp knife cut one of the parts of the plastic housing. Be very careful and attentive not to violate the interior of the charging when cutting. After replacing the fuse will need to glue both parts. Remember that the use of refurbished single charge can lead to a short circuit, as these chargers are not designed for repair and long-term operation.
If you do not have a fuse, and repair the charger you need in the shortest time possible, use the normal wire. Close contacts of the connector fuse. After that, the charging should work again. Note that this method can be used only in extreme cases! You must install a fuse at the first opportunity.