Advice 1: How to replace the fuse in the network filter

Even in a very high quality network filters may burn out or jam the fuse. If the pilot throw a pity, you can try to recover by putting a new fuse in. Just need to find the parts for replacement.
Network filter with two-level protection

Why network filters fail

Two main reasons can be damaged fuse in the network filter is overload and overvoltage. Network filters are designed for protection of equipment from different kinds of oscillations in the electricity network, and therefore to include appliances high power is not necessary.

In defective fuse or do not hear a click when the switch or button is fixed. Possible and this option: when you enable network filter in the socket a short circuit occurs because of the action of disposable varistor installed in parallel the load contacts.

To fix the network filter is easy, much more difficult to find the right accessories. For the expensive filters they are sold separately, and in the case of cheap will have to find another faulty NetWorker and remove the fuse.

Fuse replacement

The body of the pilot should be disassembled by loosening a few screws. They can be located in grooves or sockets on the back of the filter, can be closed with the factory stickers. Some buildings have additional fixation on the plastic snap, because the opening of the filter should be conducted with maximum caution.

The fuse is installed on one of the supply wires, except the yellow-green is the ground wire. The connection can be made by soldering or by means of a screw clamp. In the latter case it's simple: the screws should be released and remove the old fuse, and then install the new one. If the contacts you need to solder, then the heating time should not exceed fifteen seconds, otherwise the housing may melt and contact the band jammed. If you replace the fuse and nothing, then two pins you can just connect a pigtail, but a surge protector will turn into a normal extension cord.

In older models of network filters use disposable tube fuses with glass body. In this case the blown fuse and just need to change it, with the same value of maximum current.

Replacement or removal of the burned varistor

Replace the fuse in the surge suppressor can not do, if the reason for failure was a burned varistor. An analogue of it you can pick up at the point of sale of radio components, but you need to remove the faulty component and take it with you as sample. A surge protector will work without the varistor, but it should be remembered that in this case will not protect the outgoing lines from overvoltage.

Advice 2: What is surge and what is it for

The voltage drops in the network, high-frequency interference can bring down computers and other equipment. The load on the grid is constantly growing due to the increase in people's devices, so the issue of voltage stability is very relevant.
Surge protector Furutech

What is a surge protector and how it works

High load on the grid, depreciation of network equipment, failures of electrical substations, lightning, lightning strikes close to power networks - all this leads to voltage drops. To prevent unpleasant consequences of such changes in everyday life and in industry apply network filters.

Network of the filter is flowing an alternating current and filtering in this emerging high-frequency and impulse interferences, thus it protects downstream to the network devices. Most of the standard network filters consist of two elements: it is a varistor and LC filter.

Varistor is a semiconductor resistor that converts the energy of impulse noise into heat. It is supplied by the same voltage as the protected device, since they work in parallel. The higher the applied the findings of the varistor voltage, the lower the resistance. In normal conditions, in the absence of impulse noise and normal voltage supply through the variable resistor passes a current of low intensity. When the network appears the high voltage pulse, the resistance of the varistor decreases dramatically, and at this time flows through a current of great strength.

The element LC filter designed to suppress high frequency noise (100-100 thousand HZ), which result in distortion of the sinewave of AC voltage in the network, causing interruptions in the operation of electrical equipment. Sources of RF interference can be a powerful electrical device. Such a device neighbor can connect to the network, and this will impact on your technique. In the network filters of different brands and models use LC-circuits of different power, which is measured in decibels. L is the coil inductance, and capacitor.

The differences between the different models

Filters can have a different number of connectors (1-8) to connect devices. In any case, it is better not to connect many appliances at the same time. Network filter, in addition to its primary purpose, used as the extension, so pay attention to the length of the cord.

Some models of filters are equipped with indicators system health led's. If one system fails, the led turns off.

There is a maximum current value of pulse interference that the filter is able to pass through itself, so it does not damage the filter itself and the connected equipment. There is also a maximum allowable load (the total power of all connected to the filter appliances), above which automatically fuse and network filter switches off.

Pick the model based on their needs: some filters designed for home, office, and others - for use at increased requirements to stability of voltage.
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