To lock the SIM card from your mobile operator, dial from your phone number. What you can find in the service center of mobile operator or on its official website in the Internet. Also, these rooms are quite often spelled out on the packaging, which lay in your SIM. In response to your query will automatically block your card. The only thing that you should remember with this method of blocking is that the card can be closed for a short time. Until about six months.
If the phone you have was stolen, call the company directly for a specific city or nationwide numbers. To lock the SIM card so you will need to call the responding operator surname, name, patronymic of the owner of the number, his passport number or a code word. And SIM card will be blocked.
Also you can block his SIM card, just came to the office of the cellular operator or at any official point of sales. For this you will need a passport. Contact the specialists office, and they fairly quickly by comparing your passport data with those that they have, will be able to block your SIM.
Some mobile operators offer the option of locking the SIM card via the Internet. To do this, go to the official website of your mobile company and following the prompts, go to the section related to locking of SIM cards. There you will be prompted to dial your number (normally ten digits of the eleven) and a certain combination of command figures. Next, confirm that you want to block the card and all it "closed".
There is another way to lock the SIM is the wrong pin input. If you three times wrongly entered, the card is blocked automatically.