You will need
  • - motorcycle "Ural";
  • bridge, shock absorbers, tie rod, brakes, wheels and other parts from the car VAZ;
  • - driveshaft and joint (constant velocity joint) from the car "Oka",
  • - welding machine;
  • - angle grinder (Bulgarian);
  • - table with the vise;
  • compressor for painting;
  • - a set of bench tools;
  • - jigsaw and other tools;
  • - sheet and profile hire.
Disassemble the bike and redo the frame - move 40 mm back tube vertical seat post racks. Weld to orlovskomu the pendulum axle from the car "Lada" and weld it to the frame. The lower fork and rear cut just behind the seatpost pipe rack.
Fabricate from pipe racks to the struts, which are then weld near the pendulum suspension bushings to seat post racks. To strengthen the construction, close the resulting triangles scarves from a steel plate.
Weld of thin-walled 30 - millimeter pipe design for the front of the frame for the front mount, rear trunk and front bumper. Front trunk for a homemade ATVand boil out of the pipe with a diameter of 20 mm.
Rear axle cars of the cut to provide compactness and to increase maneuverability by narrowing the turn radius. To do this, cut the bracket and spring seat, unplug from socket end flange. Shorten the "stocking" and insert the flange back, seal welding. At the same length, shorten the axle shaft by cutting off the wheel flange. Drill therein an axial bore and under him protocide rod axis. Then insert the rod in the flange and drill out at their junction a blind hole, so in each part you will be on half the holes. Hammer in wire him the key and boil for in a circle the joint.
Driveshaft make all of the axles of the car "Oka" with the help of the CV joint, check to fit to the main transmission drive axle and at the same time to the motorcycle transmission.
Of the square pipe 25х25х2 mm make the front suspension, steering knuckles take cars. Secure the lower ends of the arms to ball joints of the kulaks and the upper lug on the subframe.
Brakes use cars, removing the vacuum booster and Parking brake. Drive it is best to leave from the usual motorcycle pedals.
Motor equip forced air cooling from the VAZ 2108. The wheels also take cars, equip them with the tires with all-terrain tread.
Take the wheel from the bike, but fry, column, thrust levers, wheel use fists from the WHA. Install lights, brake light, direction indicators. Don't forget to equip your ATV large fenders with mud flaps.