You will need
  • - components and assemblies of vehicles;
  • - metal angles, channels and tubes;
  • - sheet metal;
  • - tools for working metal;
  • - welding machine;
  • - "Bulgarian";
  • - a set of wrenches and screwdrivers.
Work out the design of the future tractor. If you have engineering skills, make it yourself, otherwise, use ready-made drawings and description. Tractor would consist of a rectangular carrier frame on which you will need to install the units and components: chassis, suspension, engine, transmission, cab and so on.
Pick the necessary assemblies and components. You can rent them from old equipment or purchase new. You also need a full set of tools for working with metal, angle grinder ("grinder"), welding machine, screwdriver and wrenches.
Fabricate frame of the tractor, cook it of metal angles and channels. The basic power elements of the frame are two longitudinal and traverse. Make the frame rectangular symmetrical shape.
To the frame attach the chassis. Use in the design of your tractor wheel from the car of the raised passableness (e.g., GAZ-66). The wheels also serve as shock absorbers.
Install the frame power unit. For this purpose, suitable diesel engine with water cooling capacity 40 HP
Gear box and clutch, use of the car GAS-53. For coupling the clutch basket and the engine will cook a special casing, and the flywheel will protocide additional center hole.
Rear axle forklift hire from Bulgarian production. Because the suspension bridge is not, attach it to the frame firmly, using four ladders.
Install on tractor hydraulic steering. It is substantially lighter than the automatic, but will require its own oil pump to the actuator. Working hydraulic system only when the engine is. Steering wheel will fit from harvester KSK-100.
Provide on the tractor a separate hydraulic system to control lifting and lowering of suspended agricultural implements.
Fabricate the cab, cook it from pipes of square and rectangular cross-section and of steel sheets. The preferred if the cabin is double, with a large area of glazing. The side Windows do open to the outside. The door hung on the left side. Under the seat to leave space for the battery and a tool box.
Make hydraulic brake, with rear-wheel drive. It now remains to register your homemade tractor in the bodies of technical oversight and to get a state license plate.