Advice 1: How to make a hang glider

The manufacturer of the glider is a necessity for those involved in the sport. Consider the most affordable way the production of classic glider.
How to make a hang glider
You will need
  • Metal pipes for the frame, wire ropes, durable canvas, 2 wheels.
For its production will need a few basic parts: frame, cable stretching and planking. Also advisable to use a removable wheel device for antieconomy. Of great importance is having the diameter of pipes for the frame and the quality of the metal, as it is necessary, that it was quite durable and relatively easy to free rise into the air. From the connection of the tubes depends on the end result and the flying ability of the machine.
You must correctly calculate the amount and specific locations of the connectors, as this determines the durability and overall weight of the structure. Side and keel tube must be connected in the nasal area, which will ensure the streamlined hang-glider. On top of the Central node should attach the mast, which simultaneously serves as a support for cables. The lower part of the site intended for placement of the steering linkage.
The side knot the basics of hang gliding is the fork design, since nodes and connections are placed separately to eliminate pipe joints and aerodynamics. The steering system control is interconnected sidewalls and a handle for easy holding.
A cable system located in different nodes, and thereby ensures the reliability of fastening and adjustment of the control the glider. It is very important to choose cables of high quality and strength, to eliminate the possibility of breakage and disengagement of the carabiner.
The covering of the glider is a more esthetic part of the design. The main requirements to the material are ability to withstand aerodynamic loading during flight, a low probability of deformation of the frame. As a rule, these requirements meets the sail cloth.
Thus, a responsible approach to the manufacture of gliders and selection of high-quality parts will allow you to get a great glider that will meet all safety requirements for health and human life, and allow you to get a lot of pleasure from their favorite sport.

Advice 2 : How to make a trike

Dream of flying accompanies man since time immemorial. Modern technologies allow to implement it to everyone who is able to understand the drawings and to handle the tools. To make a full aircraft, of course, the house master will not do, but to build a trike is quite real.
How to make a trike
You will need
  • metal pipe;
  • - dense fabric;
  • - fasteners;
  • boat engine;
  • - tools for metal work.
Understand the design of the trike. Traditionally it consists of a tubular frame, the tether system of braces, chassis, power plant and wing. For the manufacture of the trikeand use the finished drawings or to order the project of the aircraft in the specialized design Bureau.
As the power plant use the outboard motor, for example, the "Whirlwind-30". Equipped with V-belt reduction gear, it provides a thrust of about 80 kgf.
As a prototype of the wing of the trikeand use the wing of one of the models sports hang glider. The difference of the wing apparatus, equipped with a power plant, that to assemble the wing to the pipe of the larger diameter and increased wall thickness. The wing is manufactured in three stages: first plating, then frame, and then carry out the final Assembly and finishing. When joining the wing panels, use a double seam such as "zigzag". Sew on top of the skin to strengthen the four layers of fabric. Reinforce the back edge of the wing over the covering.
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