Build a chicken coop for 15 birds. The coop do a width of 2 m, length of 3M and height of walls 2.5 m and 1.5 m. First back will make the frame. For its production we use hardwood logs with a diameter of 10 cm, they must be dug into the soil to a depth of 70 cm dig in the ground part of the logs must be covered twice with hot bitumen to a height of 1.3 m At the top of the frame makes tying, bar 5 5 cm
Then sheathe the frame with the two sides of the TEC. First sheathe the outside so that there were no gaps. The back wall do the deaf, and in front, make a window with an opening sash and door. In regions with cold climate, it is better to do window casement. Under the window at a height of 20-30cm do LAZ, width 20cm and height 30cm. Inside external ten olivem insulation can do this with roofing felt or cardboard.
After that, sheathed tesom wall of the henhouse inside. The resulting space between the outer and inner planks, fill with sawdust, they will play the role of insulation. In sawdust, you can add a one per cent, HCH.
Floor do of wooden boards or clay. Around the chicken coop, dig a ditch depth of 20-30cm for water drainage. Make the roof with a small, 20-30 cm, a slouchy fit, so that water will flow not on the walls of the coop. For keeping warm in the winter, in front of the chicken coop it's better to do a small winter vestibule. All door sills make a height of 30 cm.
Near the chicken coop make a small, 2 on the 2nd, range. We shield it with a metal grid height of up to 2m, with not much cell, so it does not slip chickens. Be sure to dig the mesh into the ground to a depth of 30 cm, and the perimeter, bottom, olivem her Board with a width of 30 cm, it will protect from penetration into the hen house of rodents and other petition does not guests. If the opportunity to make a tent above the paddock that the chickens can walk around and in inclement weather.
Now equip the coop from the inside. For starters, the walls will cover with lime mortar to prevent the proliferation of germs and fungi. Along the side and rear walls, do the perches in length, at the rate of 50-60 cm on the chicken.
Waterers and feeders are placed on the distance from the floor to the chicken are unable to rummage through them. In the hen house hold lighting and if necessary installed heaters. All wiring and heating sources should be placed out of reach for the chicken.