You will need
  • 485 cm galvanized welded mesh, wire cutters, pliers, 50 cm aluminum wire.
Cutting grid. The entire segment of the grid is divided into 3 parts: length 200 cm, length 190 cm and a length of 95 cm, you Need a pair of pliers to bend any sharp ends of the wires in the places of incisions. One segment of length 200 cm and 100 cm wide will be used as the roof.
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The remaining pieces are cut horizontally in half to make 2 pieces size 190х45 cm and two pieces of size 95х45 see Of them going to a box without a bottom size 190х95х45 see Connected pieces with aluminum wire freely, so that folding, rectangular design could easily be transformed into the plate.
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The roof you put on the box and simply tie twine around the perimeter in several places so that there were no holes for the penetration of cats. Such a cage can be easily moved from one place to another, even without removing it from her chickens. Part of the roof and side walls need to drape plastic wrap and any light cloth to protect it from too hot sun and wind with the rain.
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Cage for chickens for cultivation under the light. The simplest cell is an upgraded cardboard box in which were Packed a large TV or refrigerator. The height of the box doing no more than 45 cm, so it could go in the cage, galvanized mesh. On the bottom of the box is spread a piece of plastic the size of the bottom and poured sawdust or shavings, is deep dish. Does any a thick-walled glass shade with a flat bottom from the lighting. It drops an ordinary incandescent lamp 99 watts, but not to the bottom, and so hung. This whole structure is mounted to the plate. The lamp should always be included, because it is needed not only for lighting, but for heating.
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