Advice 1: How to build a chicken farm

The official authorities of our country urge citizens to start their own business and thus develop small and medium business. It is time to remember that for centuries in Russia every farm yard contained some poultry stock. Held in high esteem were geese, chickens, ducks: eggs, meat and yourself could have, and wish to sell. And the breeding of turkeys in some areas was more profitable than hog farming.
How to build a chicken farm
In the organization of a poultry farm you need to consider several important points. A poultry farm can be registered as a farm or limited liability company. It is best to organize production in the country, and point of sale, on the contrary - in the city, in any market.
Organize next to the house suitable for walking bird place, preferably on the South side of the site. Summer and spring grass will be an additional power source. Besides, the ducks need a small pond - this is also consider.
Before buying young pre-equip suitable for keeping birds space. Will fit any spacious premises, a house or a large shed. The most important thing – protect birds from drafts, which is extremely dangerous for their health. If the house is the old building, will strengthen the Foundation to get inside rodents, cats and dogs.
One bird shall be at least 1 sq. m. In more crowded conditions, egg production can be greatly reduced.
Provide in the house is optimal for the life of the bird the temperature: for chickens - not below and not above 25 to 27°C. In summer the house needs to work an air cleaner or the fan. Note that for geese the temperature should be much lower. As for the incubator, the temperature should be adjustable. Raise her in the sea of growing up of young animals.
Purchase feeders, waterers, nests and incubators. However, if desired, all the equipment can be done by hand, including the ash drawer for bathing chickens (a box filled with ash).
Take care of the lighting of the house - in winter it will be very useful, since egg production drops significantly with the reduction of daylight. Use a fluorescent light. Remember - too much light is no less harmful than the lack of light.
Waterers and feeders should not be placed directly on the ground, it is better to strengthen them at low altitude. Watch out for their purity. On the floor lay a straw as its easier to remove along with the dung. Socket set on a high and in a dark place.
Start with a population of 400-700 goals. On purchase of young growth and improvement of the house will need about 2 thousand dollars. In poultry prices vary in different regions: one for the goose will have to pay 70-90 rubles for duck 30-60 rubles for Turkey – 70-90 rubles.
Bird food buy in the factories or in professional farms. Summer birds can also eat pasture. Duck, if there is a body of water, can feed on plankton and insects.
Poultry farm, in addition to meat and eggs, will produce fur, feathers and droppings. The latter can be sold to gardeners and horticulturists. However, for sale of manure must have a certificate of an appropriate sample.
If you are planning a regular supply of eggs to the stores, take care of appropriate packaging. In any city there is a printing company specializing in the manufacture of cardboard packaging, which can enter into a cooperation agreement.
Before you start trading will receive the veterinary certificate on the well-being of the economy and the product quality certificate.
Useful advice
First time, you can save on workforce – maintain a poultry farm with its own family.

Advice 2 : How to organize a chicken farm

The farm is well open in areas where from time to time, the population feels the disruption of production of poultry farms. If your business intuition already tells you that it's time to do chickens, ducks, geese and quail, then immediately take the registration of the enterprise. Even if you plan to breed ostriches, the organization of production is the same. You will be considered a supplier of agricultural products.
How to organize a chicken farm
If you plan to do breeding birds, the site for the construction and organization of farms choose further from the larger settlements and neighbouring farms. It's a bad environment, high likelihood of infectious diseases of birds, harming the process of breeding breeding hens and other poultry.
If you are planning to organize the production of commodities, in order to provide the city with products of your farm, you'd better rent a plot, which is as close to the points of sale.
The production area will depend upon which type of feeding you have chosen. After all, geese or ostriches can be kept on pasture or in all seasons to feed combined fodder. Based on the fact that geese need 10 square metres of land for each individual, and ostriches better to graze on a fenced allotment. Waterfowl requires you to take care of the pond.
Contact a local veterinary service for information on sanitary suitability of your chosen area.
If you have to organize commodity farm for profitability to grow at the same time from 500 to 800 individuals. Prior to the commencement of construction of the house, make a contract on supply of birds. Select a reliable manufacturer that keeps farms in your area.
Remember that the bird can not tolerate drafts. Keep this in mind during the construction of the house. Close the drafts when you convert another room. For young the foresight to make a heated room, although the summer is enough to equip a large aviary. Calculate the area of your house depending on the planned livestock. For example, chicken and quail prefer to live crowded, thus, the area of the house for these types may be smaller than geese and turkeys.
Take care of the purchase of the necessary equipment. The number of feeders calculate so that the food has got access to all birds. Make sure the warehouse was roomy refrigeration compartment. Modern drinkers and the incubator will increase the profitability of your production.
Will be useful for the parallel production. Increase the profitability of agriculture through plant for the processing of down and feathers.
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