To change the appearance of the mailbox registered on Yandex, go to "mail Settings", and then visit the necessary section in "layout Settings". There you can change the colors or completely design theme. To do this, hover over any element and click on it with the mouse. Any user will be able to find among the list of something to your liking. The service offers topics ranging from fairly simple, concise and accurate (for example, "Gray", "Blue" or "Light") and ending with an unusual and vivid theme templates ("Plasticine", "Orange"). In addition, change the design of the e-mail by clicking on the link "Themes". It is located in the upper right corner of the page. Just select your favorite, and then click "Save".
In Yandex-mail you can use the mode of writing of the "letter of clearance". It allows you to allocate the necessary words and sentences in the text in a different font, italics, bold or underline. You can format text by changing size or font color, adding in a letter emoticons, or make lists. Please note that the window for entering text is carried out in two modes. If you want to use this mode, click on the tab with the corresponding name to the right of the input field. To select the required function will help you a toolbar.
To make the letter prettier perhaps with the dispatch of the postcards. To insert one, click on the icon with the appropriate name in the upper pane. Next you will see the templates with the names. All of them are sorted by topics ("Write me", "Congratulations" and others) that will allow you to make the choice easier and faster, with just one click. Once you decide the card, it will load in your letter.
To change the design of the mailbox can be in the Rambler. For this you need to visit a section called "Themes". It is located in the side menu. Appeared among the select, just by clicking on it once. In the upper part of the page a notification will appear about your choice.
To change themes in email click on the "More" button on the main panel. You will see several sections, click on the first "Theme". The system will offer you a large range of possible design, from Classic to bright a theme, such as "Anime". Confirm your choice, click "Save".