You will need
  • - awl;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a flashlight.
Seek the help of others. Broken the lock of the trunk you will quickly and easily reveal in every garage. If you don't have time to go to the car wash, you can seek the assistance of the employee of GAI. Employees of traffic police are specially prepared to solve such problems, in addition, they should have everything you need in this situation tools.
Sharply hit the arm just above the license plate. In some models, the to hit should be on the cover of the trunk directly above the castle. From the impact jammed the locking mechanism comes into motion, and you can open the lock with the key. Hit sharply, but not too much so as not to leave marks on the lid of the trunk.
Take an awl or a thin screwdriver. Suit and pointy and stiletto design women's hairstyles. Puncture tool for sealing the rubber boot directly under the castle. Feel the hook locking device and click on it – the lock will open. This method is suitable for most older domestic cars and some foreign cars.
Remove the rear seat in the car. Now you can easily get into the Luggage compartment. Pull out all the prevents you from the items. Then take a flashlight, a screwdriver and try to open the lock from the inside. If you fail to actuate the jammed mechanism, or keyhole busy broken key, you can just disassemble the lock and open the lid of the trunk.
Remove the rear window of the car. This is the most time consuming and labor intensive way to get into the broken trunk. It should be used only in the case if you are far from the city, and you have no other way to get into the locked car. Gently remove the sealer on the edges of the glass and remove it from the machine. If the glass is not susceptible, then you'll have to break it and thus to get to the salon, where you will be able to open the trunk, after removing the back seat.