You will need
  • - a healthy car battery voltage of 12 Volts;
  • - two wires with a cross-section less than 1 mm2 and a length of about one meter each with clips of type "crocodile"
The procedure of opening the car when poorly charged battery "the village" begins with its most difficult stage, you need to get to the generator, removing the engine guard. This, of course, will have to "lie down" on the ground, but without having to look under the car, can not do.
Now we need to find "positive" bolt ("plus" terminal) on the alternator and connect respectively the "positive" battery cable to this terminal.
How to open <strong>machine</strong> if the battery is empty
Negative battery cable connect to the vehicle body. More specifically, the wire must be attached to any non-rusty bolt or bare metal on the car body. Now the alarm is connected to an external power source and again is reacting to the key FOB. It remains only to remove the discharged battery and charge it.