You will need
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - long stiff wire;
  • - cotton gloves.
The hood of most models, Toyota opened with a special lever, which is located under the left side of the torpedo if your car is left hand drive, or right under, if you own a RHD model.
Pull the lever up until it clicks, which indicates that the hood was opened. No click when pressing the lever usually says that broke the cable lock actuator bonnet.
On most modern models of Toyota fitted with two cable responsible for opening the bonnet. Sometimes the hood is opened, but without clicking. The reason for this phenomenon can become clogged dirt or misalignment of the hood. So click on the lever to stop and ask the assistant to try to open the hood manually.
If the hood doesn't open after clicking on the lever, try to push to the surface in the place where the castle is located. From mechanical impact jammed the metal reeds can open up and release the hood.
Try to remove the grille. To do this, see the user manual for your car and find out the location of all screws that secure the grille to the other parts. If you Unscrew the screws does not work, carefully break the plastic cross or cut the metal mesh.
Hand feel the lock latch of the bonnet and press it. Open the hood and install the metal backup.
If you don't want to break the grille, then try to open the lock through the hood space. To do this, raise the vehicle on a Jack or lift. You can also drive the car on the overpass.
A long screwdriver or stiff wire and try to throw the tongue with constipation. If you fail to do so, carefully Unscrew all the screws that hold the lock housing. Removing the lock or depressing the tongue, ask your partner to open the hood.
If you have no desire or ability to do emergency opening of the bonnet, then contact the nearest service center. Qualified staff will be able to promptly fix your car and give warranty on all work done.