Re-calculate the original pressure value in Pascal (PA) if it is given in megapascal (MPa). As you know, in one MPa 1 000 000 Pascals. For example, you will need to convert in Pascal 3 MPa, it will be: 3 MPa * 1 000 000 = 3 000 000 PA.
Translate the Pascal in pounds of force, knowing the characteristics of the unit pressure in relation to the unit of force (Newton). One Pascal equals one Newton per square meter. The derived unit of force in Newtons is equal to 1 kg / (m/S2), where m/S2 is the acceleration of free fall. For calculations used the value, which is equal to 9.81 m/S2. Calculate the number of kilograms force of one Newton acting on one square meter with acceleration equal to 9.81 m/S2 : - 1 / 9,81 = is 0.102 kilograms of force per square meter, which corresponds to a pressure of one Pascal.
Multiply the resulting number by the number of Pascals you want to transfer in pounds: 0,102 * 3 000 000 (PA) = get 306 000 (kg/m2). Thus, the pressure value of 3 MPa corresponds to 306 000 pounds of force per square meter. So, to quickly convert Pascals to kilograms, multiply the pressure in Pascals on the coefficient is 0.102. If you need to translate Pascal to kilograms force per square centimeter, the pressure is in Pascals, you need to multiply by a factor 0,0000102. In this example, the pressure of 3 MPa corresponds to 30.6 kilograms force per square centimeter (3 000 000 PA * 0,0000102 = 30,6 kg/cm2).