You will need
  • calculator
Recall that by definition, the Newton (N, N) is equal to the force gives the body a mass of 1 kg acceleration of 1 m/s^2 in the direction of action of the force. If the strength in Newtons obtained by you as a result of calculations in the course of solving the problem, re-calculate everything again, check yourself. Make sure that you have made the preliminary calculations are correct and you are absolutely precisely calculated force in Newtons. Next, recall that Pascal (Pa)equal to the pressure which causes a force equal to one Newton uniformly distributed on a surface area of 1〖 m〗^2 that is perpendicular to this force. That is, by definition: 1 PA=N/m^2.
Calculate the surface area, which is under pressure in accordance with the terms of the tasks set before you. To compute the area apply the appropriate mathematical formula. Please note that the area must be measured in square metres and not in any more units. If necessary, make a translation of your existing units of area measurement in square meters. Divide previously received by you in Newtons force on the area in square meters. For calculations, use a calculator. The result of the division is required you pressure is indicated in Pascals. Write down the result. The problem is solved.
Call a classmate, a classmate or a friend who knows physics (assuming that all that is written above does not help you). Tell him about your problem. Politely ask him to stop laughing and to dictate a solution to this problem is up to each numbers and letters, or to send an SMS, MMS or email. If the request was denied, or among your acquaintances there is no one versed in physics, the person will ask for help to the users of the Internet. Surely among the inhabitants of any theme of the forum will find at least one helpful person, who will write you a detailed solution to your problem absolutely free. Thank this man and rewrite the solution.
Re-read textbooks on physics and still try to understand at least part of what is written there. If necessary, seek clarification from the teacher. The obtained knowledge will be useful to you in your life again and again.