If you use Microsoft Office Outlook or similar at work for sending messages, you can easily configure delivery notification and read receipts sent you letters. Preparing your message to the administration, drive the text information and attach necessary files. After that you need to put a check mark beside the selected item in the displayed menu "Settings", tab "Tracking". It only takes a couple of seconds, but you immediately know when your letter will reach the addressee.
Services e-mail, and other you can also configure features notification and delivery of letters. To find the desired field to activate this configuration, when preparing messages to be sent need to open the menu "additional settings" or make visible the hidden fields on the page "New letter", and then tick the box next to the desired item. Unfortunately, these properties when working with e-mail are not available on all mail portals.
Another way to learn about reading your letter can serve as its subject. In developing such a message necessary to register all clear and understandable, preferably in the minimum amount that the recipient is not closed it thinking, "Then re-read..." and immediately got the idea. At the end you put the last question to answer which is whether one or two words, not to spend a lot of time. So you will be able to immediately know not only when read your letter, but also to know the opinion recipient on your issue.